Biomedical Informatics

** This program is currently inactive, except for REDCap **



Biomedical Informatics has become a core element across the spectrum of biomedicine, from bench biology to medicine to public health. This transdisciplinary and integrative field is concerned with “effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving, and decision making, driven by efforts to improve human health.”

The Biomedical Informatics Unit (BIU) provides expertise covering the full spectrum of biomedical informatics, including biological sequence analysis, data capture and management, knowledge representation and discovery, natural language processing, and decision support. This unit aims to develop solutions that can synergistically meet the needs of researchers while furthering broader impacts through improvements in direct patient care and enabling public health agenda. Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing resources and techniques to address inquiries across clinical, research, and administrative resources
  • Providing informatics education and outreach
  • Supporting and managing the research process for investigators
  • Enabling the sharing of knowledge and resources with local partners and the greater community

Resources & Services

  • IRIS (Integrated Research Information System): research data warehouse containing administrative, biomedical, clinical, and public health data; variety of uses including cohort discovery and research dataset creation
  • REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture): Web application for building and managing on-line surveys and databases
  • CATSearch (Clinical and Translational Search): researcher profiles to facilitate identification of collaborators and mentors
  • Research Data Security: mechanisms and processes for the appropriate use and management of data, including training regarding privacy, security, and confidentiality issues.
  • Data Extraction and/or Analysis: analytic and programming support for creating or analyzing customized datasets
  • Informatics Courses: formal and informal informatics training (including for IRIS and REDCap as well as specific topic such as databases, data management, and data security)
  • Informatics Consultation: guidance for projects requiring informatics expertise
  • BIRD (Biomedical Informatics Research & Development): research activities covering the spectrum of biomedical informatics, from bioinformatics to clinical informatics to public health informatics.


(currently vacant)

Core Team

Diantha Howard, MS Informatics Specialist Given Courtyard S351