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Dr. Prema Menon Invited to Speak at the CHEST 2012 Meeting in October

Prema Menon, MD, a CTS Master's student and Pulmonologist at Fletcher Allen, was invited to speak in Atlanta, GA on October 24, 2012 at The CHEST 2012 meeting during the Palliative and End of Life Care Network open session.  The Networks are somewhat analogous to ATS Assemblies in that they represent different areas within the broad field of pulmonary/critical care/sleep medicine.  Dr. Menon's innovative work in the use of telemedicine as a palliative care tool prior to ICU transfer is of great interest to the audience of CHEST. CHEST invites talented, junior individuals as a way to help promote their career, and CHEST is very excited to have Dr. Menon speak.  This is a great honor for Dr. Menon!  

Congratulations Prema!

Dr. Prema Menon's involvement in the Rural Palliative Care Network: Telemedicine Consultations

Prema Menon, MD, a CTS Master's student and Pulmonologist at Fletcher Allen, is involved in novel and innovative work with the Pallative Care Team at Fletcher Allen.  Recent work has been on telemedicine consultations for patients with life-threatening conditions.  Click here for a video demonstrating this exciting work in pallative care.

Dr. Alan Rubin is Teacher of the Year

December 15, 2011 the Fletcher Allen - University of Vermont Medical Group honored Alan Rubin, MD as the Teacher of the Year. In fact, a case could easily be made that he is the Teacher of the Decade, of the Century, of the Epoch! His excellence in teaching is matched only by his remarkable energy, his willingness to explore new ideas, engage new topics, address new audiences, and care for his friends, colleagues, neighbors and patients in new and thoughtful ways.

Alan is a major ingredient in the secret sauce that makes General Internal Medicine Research and the CTS grad program work, that makes it fun to be here, and that keeps me coming in to do all the great stuff we all do together. 

Thank you Alan!

New CTS Graduates

Congratulations to Tim Tourville and Jen Libous for graduating from the CTS program.  Tim completed his PhD and is the first student to earn a PhD in Clinical and Translational Science, and Jen completed her MS and is the first student to earn an MS in Research Management in Clinical and Translational Science.

Gabe Tharp's Paper Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

Please join me in congratulating Gabe Tharp, PhD student in CTS, on having his paper, titled Measurement of Altered AbPP Isoform Expression in Frontal Cortex of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease by Absolute Quantification Real-Time PCR, accepted for publication in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.  This is part of his thesis work and is great news! Congratulations Gabe!

Sarah Bryce offered Internship at the Office of Rural Health Policy, HRSA

Please join me in congratulating Sarah Bryce, Master's student in CTS with a Concentration in Research Management, on being offered an internship at the Office of Rural Health Policy at the Health Resources and Services Administration in Rockville, Maryland for the spring 2012 semester. The Research Management concentration requires a 6-credit internship as part of the program. Great work Sarah!

Sarah Gillett's abstract honored for ranking among top 10% of accepted abstracts

Sarah Gillett, CTS PhD student, had her abstract entitled, Inflammation and Risk of Cognitive Decline in Black and White Americans in the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study, which was presented at one of the American Heart Association's Specialty Conferences in 2011, ranked among the top 10 percent of the accepted abstracts.

To honor her top-scoring abstract, she was selected to re-present her abstract as a poster presentation at Scientific Sessions 2011, November 12-16, in Orlando. As the premiere cardiovascular conference in the world, with over 20,000 professional attendees, presenting at Scientific Sessions will provide greater visibility and a broader reach for your science. The meeting also serves as a great avenue for robust discussions as global leaders in cardiovascular research and practice see your science.

Congratulations Sarah!