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Information for Faculty

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Graduate Faculty Appointment

Anyone wishing to be a Research Mentor a student in a CTS degree program must be of Graduate Faculty Status. You can apply for Graduate Faculty Appointment through the Graduate College; the application form is below.

You will need a CV, a letter of support by the CTS Chair/Program Director, Benjamin Littenberg, and signatures from the Dean and the Chair/Program Director.  Submit to the Graduate College 330 Waterman Building.

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Create and Add a New Course

To add a new a course to the UVM College Catalogue and registration (or remove a course), a course action form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Provost 349 Waterman Building.  Note: If you wish to change the schedule or cancel a course for a term but not remove it completely, you can contact the CTS Student Support Specialist for assistance.

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Program Contact Information

Alan Rubin, M.D.

(T): 802-656-8228